PCB Fabrication

Nimbeon offers a wide variety of substrates and surface finishes to meet the needs of demanding high speed and high reliability applications. We offer Getek, FR406, FR4, Rogers, Polyimide, Teflon and hybrid materials. Nimbeon offers a wide variety of surface finishes to meet requirements for Chip on Board, RoHS Compliant, Lead Free, Coplanar, Low contact resistance and Plug-In applications. Final finishes include Immersion gold, Immersion White Tin, Immersion Silver, Hot Air Solder Level, Selective gold and both hard and soft gold body finishes.

Capabilities – Quick facts:

Up to 44 layers
17:1 Aspect Ratio
Max Panel Size 24"x 30"x 0.3"
Blind & Buried Vias, Pad on via, Silver filled


Electroless Nickel/Immersion-Gold
Hard & Soft Gold
Immersion Silver

Base Materials:

High Temp
IS410 / FR370 HR
Nelco 4000-13
Nelco 6000
All Rogers: 4000, 3010, and 5880.
Solder Mask
LPI (Many Colors Offered) Dry - - Film

Specs & Tolerances:

Min Trace/Space
Min Drilled Hole size - 003"/.004"
Min Feature to Edge-006"
Min Thickness Tol.- .005"
Min Core Thickness-002
Plated Thru Hole Tol.- .003"
Min Solder Mask Clr.- .004"
Controlled Imp. Tol.- 5%
Min Pad to PTH-.014"

Case Study:

Case Study
  • LAYERS : 16
  • BOARD THICKNESS : 0.042”
  • MATERIAL : FR4 High Temp
  • 0.5mm BGA
  • Blue Tooth
  • Differential Pairs.