ATE load boards

Nimbeon designs and manufactures Load Boards and DUT cards for most major ATEs (Automatic Test Equipments). Nimbeon has highly experienced and specialized Load Board designers familiar with design rules that govern ATE Board designs. In addition, Nimbeon has developed a variety of tools that complement standard CAD tools to address the most specific of Load Board design rules.

Major Testers Support

Nimbeon supports most major ATE platforms including Agilent, Credence, Eagle, LTX and Micro Flex.

Superior Technology Expertise

Controlled Impedance Design
Mixed Signal Test
Optimized Path Length / Delay
High Frequency, Low Loss Circuits

Case study:

  • 512 Channel Test Head
    • 512 Digital I/O
    • 448 Digital / 64 Analog I/O
    • 384 Digital/ 128 Analog I/O
  • Digital & Analog Pin Electronics
  • 10 Power Supplies DPS
  • Evaluation/Load Board Hybrid
  • Dual Site 400 pin 1mm BGA
  • Relays to switch between Bench/ATE
  • Layers: 24
  • Material: FR4
  • Thickness: 125 Mils