About Nimbeon

Nimbeon Intertechnologies is a design and manufacturing Services company focused around the area of Printed Circuit Boards solutions. Our services include Printed Circuit Board Engineering, Design, Manufacturing & assembly service. We provide a one-stop environment for customers who are in need of Printed Circuit Board Solutions. We specialize in quick turn-around designs & have a wide experience in handling high frequency designs for customers all across the globe. We are committed to the highest standard of quality. Nimbeon Intertechnologies constantly improves design capabilities to meet today's demanding circuit board specifications. We have the most advanced design facility along with highly skilled and experienced personnel. Our people make us capable of providing the best service and dependable quality at competitive prices.

Our services provide you with the greatest benefit when we contract to design and manufacture your parts. We will be accountable for the integrity of the design and reliability of your parts. We can provide a warranty on every shipment, certifying that the product will be reliable and functional in both design and workmanship. The integration of development and production allows us to use our inventory to generate the most cost-effective solution available. We will treat you as a partner throughout the process, communicating frequently and honestly throughout development and production.

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