Nimbeon believes in providing end-to-end turnkey solutions in manufacturing of PCB assemblies & box building.

We focus on HIGH MIX, HIGH TECH, LOW AND MEDIUM volume production, combined with Value Added Services to provide ultimate benefits to the customer in the area of professional/industrial electronics products like, Telecommunication, Power Electronics, GPS, Medical, & Automotive Electronics Services.

Nimbeon’s highly experienced manufacturing staff in conjunction with its state-of-the-art assembly shop is well equipped to respond to the most challenging of board assemblies. A short list of assembly capabilities is listed below.

  • Fine pitch assembly down to 0201 size components
  • High accuracy placement – down to 12mil pitch devices
  • Sequential assembly for systematic board bring-up
  • uBGA Assembly, Rework, X-Ray
  • BGA, uBGA placement, re-ball and rework
  • High intensity X-Ray inspection – including metallic BGA’s